About Us

We are a Mombasa-based Design + Build company. Our core team designs and coordinates all the different roles involved in the designing and building of homes. 

Our goal is to bridge the current gap between ideas and practice on the ground. Over time, we hope to come up with standards that address the full cycle of home-building rather than optimizing only for certain parts. This will result in an overall better home rather than only certain aspects being good. 

The home construction process is not given the keen attention it deserves from the different consultants and builders. The process is also a painful one for clients with little transparency. Coral & Timber hopes to make the process smooth, clear and certain resulting in a home that is a true collaboration between the client and the team.

Our Mission

To simplify the home construction process by bridging the gap between innovative ideas and practical construction so that ambitious and sustainable homes get built without compromising the vision.

Core Team

Usamah Osman


Nasiha Salim


Jude Kuria


Larry Kavalli


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