How to make your home construction more sustainable 3 SIMPLE PRACTICES THAT MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE Sustainability is a common concern these days and most industries have slowly incorporated practices to become more sustainable Few things we do as individuals have as much an impact as could be had by larger entities. The small things […]

A sustainable home: 3 Key factors to consider

A SUSTAINABLE HOME 3 KEY FACTORS TO CONSIDER Countless factors need to be considered to build a sustainable house. This is especially difficult when building large structures with multiple stories. Large teams are hired,  comprehensive studies are conducted and time-consuming simulations are run. Such measures have their place in large-scale buildings and are useful for […]

Who will build your Home?: 5 Key Roles

Who will build your Home? 5 Key roles to fill before you start building your Home 1. Architect The architect is responsible for designing your home’s layout, ensuring that it meets building codes and zoning regulations. They will work with you to create a blueprint that incorporates your preferences and needs while keeping functionality and […]